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Benedikt Hain

Mixing/Mastering Engineer 

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You Capture The Performance, We Do The Rest

Get impactful, unique, world class mixes for your songs

If you want your music to sound punchy and modern, while keeping the feel, raw energy and emotional impact of the performance intact, we got you! 

We want to help you stand out and create something unique. It’s all about the songs and your vision. It’s your record and we're here to help you bring it to life by transforming your raw recordings into a finished piece of art!

We're by your side. Step-by-step, start to finish

Our super smooth step-by-step process walks you through the project and makes sure nothing ever slips through the cracks.

Just enter the artist portal and watch your record come to life!

We'll answer all of your questions and provide you with all the information and resources that you need. Before you even ask for it.

Experience our premium service

We do as much as we can to make working remotely feel as personal as possible:

Streamlined communication, artist onboarding, checklists, free discovery calls, regular updates on your project progress, video chat, live stream mixing sessions and coaching/feedback during the recording process.

We want you to enjoy the process, not just the result. And if everyone's having fun, we'll make a better record together.

Your Team At Outback Recordings

(And 6 answers to the #1 question you're probably having right now: "Can you help me make my dream record?")

Benedikt Hain - Mixing/Mastering Engineer

#1: We've always been musicians ourselves and music means the world to us.

Yes, we are very experienced producers and engineers. But we're not just a bunch of nerdy "technicians". We're like you. We've been in touring, signed bands since 2005. It's who we are.

#2: We don't do everything. And we don't do it for everyone.

All we offer these days is mixing, mastering and editing. And we specialize in rock, punk and heavy music. No more recording, no more live sound, nothing else. That's why we became world-class at what we do.

#3: We deeply care about you and your music. 

There's no point in releasing songs that you're not proud of. You want to have your music taken seriously and you invest in it, because you want to be stoked about it for the rest of your life. We understand that and are aware of what's at stake.

#4: We have a great network and our goal is to offer you the perfect solution for your project.

So in case we can’t provide something ourselves, we probably know the right people to connect you with.

Thomas Krottenthaler - Engineer (Editing/Mix Assist)

#5: We'll go the extra mile.

Running your tracks through the finest analog gear one-by-one to get that little bit of extra vibe before we start mixing? Carefully automating <0.5 dB volume changes, so that every part hits exactly right? Absolutely. We do things like that all the time, if the song calls for it. Whatever it takes.

#6: We help you stand out.

It's pretty easy to sound relatively good, but still boring. Like the majority of the 50000+ songs being released on Spotify alone, every single day. We'll help you sound exciting, define your sonic identity and bring it to life. 

But it's not only the two of us at the studio... 

We have an amazing team of people helping us with the administrative tasks, so we can focus on what are best at. Plus we're working with a partner network of super specialized audio pros, like mastering engineers, session musicians, recording studios of all sizes, guitar techs, drum techs, etc., so whatever your project needs, we can build the team to get it done at the highest level.

Examples Of Our Work

  1. I, Apostate (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Mynded 3:08
  2. Still Dreaming (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Philipp Welsing) The Special Bombs 3:41
  3. I'm Blue (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Searching For A Reply 4:48
  4. Walgimik (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Black Jack 3:34
  5. Death Ceremony (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Farewell Signs 4:02
  6. Lagerkoller (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Snakes In The Pit 2:36
  7. Gemstones (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) The Final Impact 5:11
  8. Hunting Drive (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) September Fall 3:15
  9. Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) The Special Bombs 4:11
  10. Zeit sich aufzulehnen (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Snakes In The Pit 3:06
  11. So Sail On (Acoustic) (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Swallow's Rose 3:38
  12. Fruehling (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Aeon Vamp 3:19
  13. Age of War (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Personal Crisis 3:09
  14. Upside Down (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Offset Vision 2:12
  15. Lost Soul (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Embrace The Fire 3:10
  16. Forgotten Lines (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Mike Kalajian) Swallow's Rose 4:10
  17. Weida immer weida (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Joe Oldman 5:04
  18. Holiday Daddy Cap (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Pizzafacial 3:29
  19. Our House (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Glam Hock 3:36
  20. Sore Loser (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Collidastate 4:10
  21. Kreidekreisel (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Philipp Welsing) Lester 3:14
  22. Live For Today (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Mike Kalajian) Swallow's Rose feat. Jason DeVore (Authority Zero) 3:37
  23. Sie schrei'n so laut (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Revoluzza 3:37
  24. German Angst (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Mike Kalajian) Love Forty Down feat. Vuki (Hell & Back) 4:08
  25. Dying Day (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Mike Kalajian) Desorder 3:20
  26. Shark (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) The Violet Stones 2:30
  27. Radio Meets Godzilla (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain) Theory Of Noise 4:01
  28. Casserole (Mix & Master: Benedikt Hain Mad Morality 3:14
  29. Toleranz ist Hippiekacke (Mix: Benedikt Hain, Master: Mike Kalajian) Brechraitz 2:12

Our December 2023 stats from


"Benedikt is an amazing mixing/mastering engineer and I'm so happy I got the chance to work with him. He didn't just run the tracks through templates or standard setups, he crafted a unique sound that is just massive. He took our rough tracks and was able to put together songs that are incredibly heavy but still have balance and definition."

Wesley (Riot Ready Records)

"I would definitely recommend Benedikt's mixing services. He not only did a great mix of our single but also gave valuable advice, shared his experience and opinion on things which were important for me and my band. This was our second single, and | think we were quite picky about the details. Plus, our mix was not ideally prepared, some things had to be changed down the road. Benedikt did a perfect ob on all our requests. We're definitely going to credit him not only as a mixer, but as a member of our production team!"

Dmitry (Chains Of Delight)

"Benedikt provides top quality service. In addition to his professional know-how and equipment, he excels in patience, efficiency and attention to detail. Working with him was a very positive experience: Benedikt Hain was friendly, helpful and had a keen ear for translating the energy of a song into the mix!"

E.Schmuse (Surhysa)

"We are soooooo happy with Benedikt's work! :) He has done so much justice for our song and we will definitely credit him everywhere for that! Thank you so so much, hopefully we will co-operate in the future too (on our first EP). ;) We are very happy with how structured and sufficient the whole process was, amazing job. Thank you again!"

Liivika (PizzaFacial)

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