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I’m Benedikt Hain, a full-time audio engineer/producer/mixer and my goal is to give you the best studio experience and the best results possible.
After years of working with lots of different artists, labels and corporate clients around the globe, I know what it takes to make records that are authentic, powerful and appealing to your desired audience. Therefore I’ll always enable the artist to work creatively without thinking about time or budget constraints. Also, I’m still an active musician myself, playing bass in Brightest Day and Bridges Left Burning, which allows me to easily change perspective. Together we can create pieces of art, that can compete with all the top-notch productions, while maintaining their genuine feel and impact.

While I’m happy to work in different studios, depending on what suits the artist and project, I also work out of my own studio, Outback Recordings, located in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. This enables me to offer very affordable rates for clients who want to record there. Almost all of my mixing work is also done at my own studio.
See samples of some recent work and a client list below. Also, check out my live mixing credits, as I’ve worked for some pretty cool clients as a live sound engineer as well.

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