My Work

Check my credits on each song in brackets next to the song title.

  1. Count us out! (recording & mixing + I played drums, bass & lead guitar) Errant Escaper 1:37
  2. The Deceiver (reamping, mixing & mastering (recorded by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings)) Standalone Complex 3:19
  3. Miss The Aim (live recording & mixing) Irish Handcuffs 3:04
  4. Sliver Theory (mixing) Heavy Ride 5:18
  5. Boon And Bane (bass- & vocal-recording, mixing, mastering + I played bass) Brightest Day 2:47
  6. Kill Or Be Killed (drum-recording) Mynded 3:56
  7. Ans Meer Fahren (drum- & vocal-recording, mixing, mastering) Zitronen Püppies 3:53
  8. We Are The Brides (recording, mixing, mastering) Spotlight Brides 2:51
  9. The Penguins Of Notting Hill Gate (recording, mixing, mastering) Silver Dolls 4:45
  10. Dann hau i ab (drum-, bass- & guitar-recording, mixing, mastering) Gringo Bavaria 2:28
  11. Amnesia (recording, mixing) The Holy Kings 2:36
  12. Demagogie & Eisegese (mixing, mastering (tracked by the band at their rehearsal room)) SURHYSA 3:34
  13. September (mixing (tracked by the band at their rehearsal room)) Superpop 2:38

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