Podcast – ORP Session #47: Brian McTernan (Be Well, Battery, Salad Days Studio)

Podcast – ORP Session #47: Brian McTernan (Be Well, Battery, Salad Days Studio)

Brian McTernan has made many of my all-time favorite records and has impacted and inspired me as a producer in a lot of different ways. Now he's back as a musician with his phenomenal new band "Be Well". Their record "The Weight And The Cost" felt special to me within the first couple of seconds of listening to it. Needless to say, I'm beyond stoked to have him on the show!

In This Episode We Talk About:

…making records and the philosophy behind it

…the importance of lyrics

…the creative process behind "The Weight And The Cost"

…how "Be Well" came to be

…Brian's perspective on life, the job as a producer and being an artist

...integrity and authentic records

...the importance of friendships, family and relationships

...dozens of storys from Brian's career as a producer and musician

And so much more...

Links To Everything We're Talking About In The Episode:

Salad Days Studio:

Salad Days Studio Website

Salad Days Studio Facebook

Brian / Salad Days Studio Instagram

Be Well:

Be Well Website

Be Well Facebook

Be Well Instagram

Be Well Spotify

Be Well Apple Music

Bands & people mentioned in the episode:

Thrice, Hot Water Music, Darkest Hour, Strike Anywhere, Gorilla Biscuits, Angel Dust, Turnstyle, Cro-Mags, Rage Against The Machine, The Cure, Hot Water Music, Guns’n’Roses, Cave In, Vice Years, Circa Survive, Bane, Better Than A Thousand, Parkway Drive, Paul Leavitt, Kurt Ballou, Caleb Scofield, Oise Ronsberger

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