Errant Escaper – “Count Us Out!” (Full Studio Video)

Errant Escaper is a side project that I started together with my brother, Bastian.

It’s an opportunity for us to mess around with our musical ideas that don’t quite fit the bands we’re in. Also, it’s fun, because I can experiment with tones and production techniques while creating cool material for my portfolio as a producer and mixer.

And as I said in my YouTube channel info: Self-fulfillment, ya know. Every producer is just a failed musician, right? 😉


Recording and mixing: Benedikt Hain (Outback Recordings,
Mastering: Philipp Welsing (Original Mastering,
Written by Bastian Hain
Co-written & produced by Benedikt Hain
Drums, bass and lead guitar: Benedikt Hain
Rhythm guitars: Bastian Hain
Video made by Konrad Sitte-Zöllner

All the gear that was used to create this song is available at my studio, Outback Recordings.

Here comes the nerdy shit, for those who are interested:

  • Drums: Mapex “Mars” birch kit + Ludwig “Black Magic” Snare + Tama “Iron Cobra” pedals + Mapex “Armory” hardware + Zildjian “K Custom Dark” cymbals and hi-hats + some sample-enhancement with Room Sound “Kurt Ballou Drums”
  • Bass: Fender “Precision” bass into a Kemper Profiler (with a selfmade Darkglass B7K + Ampeg V4-B profile) + DI
  • Guitars: ESP LTD “EC-1000 Deluxe” into a Maxon OD-808 into a Peavey 5150 into an Orange PPC212 Additional reamping through an Orange Rockerverb 50 into an Orange PPC212

Mics, pres, and processing on the way in:

  • Kick in: AKG D112 into a Warm Audio WA 412
  • Kick out: Audix D6 into a Lake People F366 D
  • Snare top: Heil PR31BW into a Warm Audio WA 412
  • Snare bottom: Sennheiser e906 into a Lake People F366 D
  • Toms: Audio Technica AE3000 into a Warm Audio WA 412
  • Overheads: sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 (spaced pair) into a pair of Lake People F366 D preampss into a Tegeler Audio Manufaktur EQP-1
  • Close room: Octava MK 012 (XY pair) into a pair of Thermionic Culture “The Rooster” preamps
  • Far room (in a reverb chamber next to the live room): T-Bone SCT 800 (ORTF pair) into a pair of SSL SuperAnalogue Preamps into a stereo ART “PRO VLA II”
  • Hi-hat: Shure SM7B into a Presonus Digimax FS
  • Ride: Rode NT-5 into a Presonus Digimax FS
  • Dirt mic (right in the center of the kit, slightly above the kick drum): Behringer ECM8000 into a Presonus Digimax FS into an Empirical Labs “Distressor”
  • Bass: Kemper Profiler Line Output into an Empirical Labs “Distressor”
  • Guitars: Heil PR31BW & sE Electronics Voodoo VR 1, into a pair of Warm Audio WA 412 preamps

Mixed on a hybrid setup with Cubase Pro 9 and some outboard gear (Distressor, Pultec EQs, Tube Saturation and EQ by Thermionic Culture, Parallel distortion with Sansamp RBI)