• What are your current rates for mixing and mastering?
    Our goal is to help you achieve your goals as an artist and bring your vision to life. And every project is different. Everybody has different needs, wants, ambitions and starts from a different place. Therefore, let's discuss the needs and goals of your project first and then we will send you a detailed, personalized proposal with the perfect pricing for you and your situation. This is the only way to make sure you get the most value out of our services. 
  • Do you do test mixes or test masters?
    That totally depends on our availability and the project. Please let us know if you want to do that and we'll tell you if it's possible in your case. Btw: The best way to do test mixes or masters is to just book a regular project for a single song and not even tell the engineer that it is a test. That way you get to hear and experience what people would actually do in a regular scenario and not just when they want to win the gig. So, doing paid tests is totally worth it if you're not sure who to work with. 
  • I want to send you files for a mixing or mastering project. How do I go about that?
    Please refer to the "File export & transfer checklist" in your artist portal account use the upload link in there. If you can't find the checklist, or haven't received one, yet, please let us know and we'll get it to you asap!
  • I have a question on the process, timescale or terms of a project that we're currently working on together. Like "When do we get the files?", "When should we send the files?", "What's happening next", "Is XYZ included in the price?", etc.
    Please refer to your project agreement and artist portal account. You can see all the steps and look into all the details, anytime. You should be able to find everything you need to know and answers to all of your questions. If you still can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll get back to you!
  • Can you recommend a certain piece of gear, or do you have advice on how to record? 
    Yes, we absolutely can! In fact, we've built a whole website around this. Please go to theselfrecordingband.com and check out the downloads, articles, podcasts and videos we put out. You'll find tons of information on there. Not found what you were looking for? Let us know via email and we'll consider your question for our ongoing content (podcast, articles, videos, etc.).
  • I have a question about "The Self-Recording Band". Where do I send it to?
    Please email benedikt@theselfrecordingband.com or go to theselfrecordingband.com.
    You'll find the TSRB FAQs here.
  • Do you offer internships?
    I work with a partner engineer, assistants and a project manager. So currently our team is complete and we don't offer internships. But feel free to send me your CV, examples of your work (no downloads please), or just a good intro email that explains why you're interested in becoming a team member of Outback Recordings or The Self-Recording Band. If your application sounds interesting, I will get in touch and see if there's an opportunity for future work.
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