Jason Black (Hot Water Music) – ORP Session #68

My guest on this episode is Jason Black from the legendary band Hot Water Music. 

I honestly don’t think this band needs much of an introduction. I will just say that they have released a killer new record on March 18th 2022, called Feel The Void. It’s out on End Hits Records, an amazing record label run by my friend Oise Ronsberger (who was on this show twice already, by the way). 

And this new Hot Water Music record is special in so many ways. Not only the music but also the stories behind it and the things that happened during the process of making it. We’re talking about all that on the episode and of course I also have some nerdy gear and engineering questions (I'm a bass player, too, the Hot Water rhythm section is pretty legendary and I was talking to their producer, Brian McTernan, before the interview, who gave me even more questions for Jason).

So without further ado, here's my conversation with Jason Black for you!



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Hot Water Music:


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Oise Ronsberger, End Hits Records, Mirko Gläser, Uncle M, Be Well, Brian McTernan, The Flatliners, Equal Vision Records, Ryan Williams, Mesa Boogie, Music Man, Fender, Darkglass, Boysetsfire, Kingstar Music