Podcast – ORP Session #2: Greg Bennick

This episode is in english, because I get to talk to Greg Bennick, the vocalist for the legendary bands „Trial“ and „Between Earth & Sky“, as well as his new band „Bystander“.

He is also a writer, coach, spoken word artist, humanitarian and an award­-winning film producer. How he’s able to get all of this done? Listen and he will tell you!

He’s one of the most inspiring human beings that I’ve ever met and he’s got some wisdom to share.

In this episode you’ll discover:­

…how to find motivation­

…how to overcome self­doubt and limiting beliefs­

…how to write meaningful lyrics­

…ways to have an impact and change the world­

… thoughts and ideas about finding purpose in life­

…how to start a humanitarian organization (doesn’t have to be big!)­

…the sources of inspiration for Greg’s legendary lyrics­

…the fact that you don’t have to be absolutely unique to create amazing art and connect with people through it­

… that it’s totally possible for a band to exist for 18 years and only have one record out (COMMITMENT!!!)

And so much more…


Links to everything we’ve mentioned in this episode:

Greg’s Website

Greg’s bands:



Between Earth & Sky

Greg’s humanitarian projects:

One Hundred For Haiti

The Legacy Project

Other resources & information:

Ernest Becker

Flight From Death

New Bystander record out on Safe Inside Records (US) and Goodwill Records (Europe)

The books and records that Greg mentioned:

Viktor Frankl – “Man´s Search For Meaning”

Otto Rank – “Art And Artist”

Earth Crisis – “The Oath That Keeps Me Free”

One King Down – “Bloodlust Revenge”

Hatebreed – “Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire”

Other bands, venues & festivals we mentioned in this episode:

Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Judge, Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today, Bridges Left Burning, Catharsis, One King Down, Fluff Fest, Jugendcafé Zwiesel

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