Podcast – ORP Session #37: Nathan Gray (Boysetsfire, The Casting Out, I Am Heresy, The New Recruits)

In Session 37 I get to talk to Nathan Gray, the lead singer of Boysetsfire. He has also been in The Casting Out, I Am Heresy and The New Recruits before he started releasing music and touring as a solo artist. We’ve had a great, intense and in-depth conversation about his upcoming record “Working Title”, his journey, personal growth and the mission he’s been on recently as a person and solo artist. Nathan shares tons of valuable insights and explains not only the “how” but a lot of the “why” behind what he does. Passionate, honest and glowing with positive energy.

In this episode you’ll discover:

…why it’s ok to feel hurt

…what Nathan means when he speaks of „altruistic greed“

…how Nathan picked his band members

…how you grow stronger after falling flat on your face

…why and how Nathan started his solo project

…why Nathan felt he owed it to others to share his journey through his songs

…what Nathan does to train, develop and maintain his voice

…how Nathan makes sure his audience is treated respectfully

…why and how Nathan approaches arguments differently now than a couple of years ago (especially online)

…what the song Boysetsfire song „Rookie“ is about

…how Nathan approaches writing songs

…if I can get Nathan to give me some of his songs for my band

…what Nathan’s diet and workout plan look like

…what inspired the song „As The Waves Crash Down“

And much more…


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“Working Title” Pre-order (out January 31st, 2020)

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Boysetsfire on Bandcamp

Boystesfire on Facebook

Boysetsfire on Instagram

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