Podcast – ORP Session #54: Jay Maas (Producer/Mixer, Maastr.io, Defeater, Death Of A Nation)

Jay Maas is a producer, mixer, engineer, entrepreneur and musician and his work has been a big influence and inspiration for me over the years. 

He's worked with bands like Have Heart, Bane, Counterparts, State Champs, The Story So Far, Verse, Propagandhi, Somos, No Trigger, Polar Bear Club, Title Fight, Carpathian, Strike Anywhere, Drug Church, Make Do And Mend, the list goes on and on and on...

He was also a founding member and main songwriter of Defeater until he left the band a couple of years back.

Jay has his signature drum samples, he's built an AI-based online mastering platform (maastr.io),  he's mentoring up and coming engineers, he's the face of pro audio for reverb.com, and recently started working with Waves Audio.  Oh, and he's a proud dad and husband, of course!

How is one person able to do all of that? How did Jay get there? Where's the connection between science, art, entrepreneurship, punk and DIY-ethic? What's the secret behind creating art that resonates or building successful products? And what exactly is that AI-thing that Jay built?

Find out by listening to this episode! I had a blast and I hope you'll enjoy it just as much!

Links & info on everything we've been talking about:

Jay Maas:

Jay's Website

Maastr.io (Jay's AI-based online mastering engine)

Jay's Signature Drum Library

Jay Maas Facebook

Jay Maas Instagram

Jay Maas YouTube

Bands mentioned in the episode:

Defeater, Counterparts, Have Heart, Bane, Strike Anywhere, State Champs, The Story So Far, Propagandhi, Polar Bear Club, Make Do And Mend, Title Fight, Verse, No Trigger, Fugazi, Minor Thread, Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife, Piecemeal, Boysetsfire, Converge, Poison The Well, Glassjaw, The Hope Conspiracy, Shipwreck, The Carrier, Carpathian, Hammer Bros., Jennifer Rostock, Mineral, Kalimasi, The Get Up Kids, Braid, Jimmy Eat World, 

Labels mentioned in the episode:

Victory Records, Bridge 9 Records, Deathwish Records, Revelation Records, Epitaph Records

Also mentioned:

reverb.com, Waves Audio, Kurt Ballou, Brett Gurewitz, SJC Drums