Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream) – ORP Session #70

My guest on this episode is Trevor Reilly, the guitar player, (co-)producer/recording engineer and main songwriter in the band A Wilhelm Scream. 

This was a fun one for me because I got to nerd out with Trevor about recording, building a studio, songwriting and all those things that I love to talk about.

We're also discussing their new record "Lose Your Delusion", of course, and Trevor is sharing lots cool stories, behind the scenes insights and and details about the making of this record.

He talks about how they've built their own studio to make this record, their songwriting process, his writing and production philosophies, the history of the band, the story and message behind "Lose Your Delusion", their friendship and how they manage to stay focussed and organized during the process of making a great (DIY-)record without real deadlines and time pressure.

So without further ado, here's my conversation with Trevor Reilly for you!



Links & info on everything we mentioned on the episode:

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Anchor End Studio:


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Blasting Room, Jason Livermore, Bill Stephenson, Kyle Black